Modern Multifamily Podcast – Episode 1

#23: Matt Rogers, VP of Operations at MEB Modern Multifamily

I had such a great time with Matt Rogers on this episode.¬†We covered a ton of ground!Some of our big takeaways from NMHC OpTech, the future of maintenance and operations staff for communities, and even a conversation that pointed right to us at Rent Dynamics… creating value for renters.If you want to get in touch with Matt – find him here on LinkedIn: learn more about MEB, please check out there website:
  1. #23: Matt Rogers, VP of Operations at MEB
  2. #22: Justin Bingham, CEO of Opiniion
  3. #21: Ryan Hand on how to make the owner/manager relationship successful
  4. #20: Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital Management
  5. #19: Carrie Antrim, COO of Multifamily Leadership

California International Marathon 2019 – sub 3!

This past weekend, I accomplished a goal that I’ve had in my mind for years – but, formally started to train for back in August. I ran 2:58:57 at the California International Marathon (CIM) for a big Personal Best which also qualified me for the Boston Marathon!

I am working on a write up of the training block that I did leading into the race – but, wanted to share a video recap of my race which I’ll embed below.

Thank you to everyone for the cheers and support – I definitely felt it every step of the way to achieving this goal!

California International Marathon 2019! I ran a sub-3 Marathon in a time of 2:58:57 which qualified me for the Boston Marathon in 2021.

CIM Training has begun!

Today is day 1 of my 16 week build towards the California International Marathon. I am so excited to kick things off!

I am going to be following a program that I’m developing based on Jack Daniels as well as Pete Pfitzinger. It will be a nice balance of volume and quality training – both are areas that I know I respond well when training and taking care of my body.

I put together a video highlighting last Tuesday, when I ran 31 miles for my 31st birthday here in Bend, OR. Here it is in case you are interested!

Running a 50k for my birthday and talking about some of the things I’ll be focused on while I train for a sub 3 marathon.

Sub 3 Here I come!

Over the past 9 years that I have been chasing personal bests in the world of endurance, the elusive sub 3 marathon has always been something I knew I would want to chase.

While I worked for Nike and trained with their Bowerman Track Club, the most serious runners and members of the group were always the marathoners. Their workouts would be the longest, they took their nutrition and recovery the most serious, and their grit and strength was unmatched.

In 2011, within the first year of starting to run, I signed up for and raced the Portland Marathon. I ran a 3:23, which is a time I am super proud of. Since then, I have raced 3 Ironman Triathlons, reached a Half Marathon PR of 1:23, logged almost 15,000 running miles, and continue to fall in love with running.

I signed up for the California International Marathon (CIM) this past week and have my eyes set on breaking 3 hours on December 8th, 2019 in Sacramento. I plan to follow a hybrid plan (combination of Pete Pfitzinger and Jack Daniels) and will kick off a structured 16 week build on August 19th.

Lets do this!

Podcast Interview: Industry Celebrities

Recently, I had the opportunity to join Kimberly Scott as a host on her Podcast, the ‘Industry Celebrities Podcast’. It is a super cool podcast that highlights leaders from a wide variety of industries – with a large focus being on getting to know the guest, what they enjoy about their industry, and one of my favorite parts – advice they would give to their ‘younger self.’

It was a fun discussion that largely focused on Nike, G5, Technology, and family with a short bit on my passion of Endurance Sports. Take a listen on your preferred platform and let me know if you have any questions!

Link to iTunes.

Link to Spotify.

Link to YouTube.

Speaking at WA-SSA 2019

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Washington Self Storage Association (WA-SSA) conference in Seattle, WA. A long standing customer and great partner of G5‘s invited me to join a super smart panel of industry leaders to participate in the inaugural TAD Talks. TAD stands for Technology, Automation, and Data. The goal of the session was to discuss a specific challenge or opportunity that we are seeing in the industry and to talk about how technology is making this possible.

I had a great time participating in the event and had the privilege to be the first one to speak. Take a look at a clip from the presentation below!

Speaking at the 2019 WA-SSA conference in Seattle, Washington.

Why I Fly Alaska

I spent the first 5 years of my career working for Nike, INC at the World Head Quarter (WHQ) in Beaverton, OR. During my time there – I only got on an airplane for work a handful of times. Due to the infrequency of travel – it was always fun and something that I looked forward to.

I had mostly flown Alaska growing up, and personally was never very loyal – I would book on Kayak or other aggregator websites in order to find the best deals for vacations with my Wife, for races, and things like that.

When I started working for G5 in 2015, I assumed a technical role in Sales and the expectation was set that I would travel somewhere around 25% of the time. With that said, I knew that being loyal to an airline would be smart. I’d have the opportunity to earn miles, hopefully gain status, and make the most of time away from my family. My default selection was Alaska Airlines – largely due to the fact that they are the dominant force in the Pacific Northwest and the fact that I’m from Alaska!

My first year flying Alaska Airlines with a sense of loyalty was 2015 and I earned MVP Gold status by flying just over 40,000 miles in my first 8 months at G5 (I joined in April). Rolling into 2016, I carried the benefits of being Gold into the year and easily hit Gold again in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, I flew close to 90,000 miles (all domestic) and it was my first year achieving the pinnacle status with Alaska, MVP Gold 75k. The difference was surprisingly significant.

As an MVP Gold – I found myself taking advantage of some of my favorite benefits that all Gold members earn:

  • MVP Gold Upgrades – you get 4 upgrades a year to guarantee yourself a 1st Class Seat assuming there is availability when you book.
  • Priority Boarding – this is especially awesome when you travel with a carry-on and you want to guarantee that your bag is right above you in the overhead.
  • Change Fees are waved – with business travel, even though my employer would cover the fee – it’s awesome to save money making last minute changes.
  • Earning bonus miles – you earn extra miles for each trip just because you have status.
  • Complimentary drinks.
  • The list goes on!

As an MVP Gold 75k – the biggest difference has been that about 80% of the time I am upgraded to 1st class. I’m flying much more comfortably and super grateful to be able to sit up front with extra space, complimentary hot meals (that are high-quality), and to enjoy such stellar service. Finally, the bonus miles I am earning are an amazing side-effect that allow my wife and I to use miles for our personal travel.

The last thing I will say about Alaska is that their customer service is unmatched. I have flown every domestic airline you can imagine over the last 4 years – and nothing compares to Alaska. Even their Twitter team is amazing.


Upcoming IPO: Uber

2019 has been quite a year for Technology Investors with several large IPO’s hitting the market so far. We’ve seen a few very successful debut’s from company’s like Zoom ($ZM) and Pinterest ($PINS). We have also seen a significant flop in Lyft ($LYFT) – there was a lot of hype behind the ride share company who has seen almost a $30 loss per share since its debut in the Spring of 2019.

Uber ($UBER) has been a company that many investors have been exciting to see IPO. Uber is certainly the dominant player in the ride sharing ecosystem – and despite the fact that they are burning a ton of cash right now and nowhere near profitability – they certainly continue to grow significantly in users and revenue QoQ.

My $.02 on this IPO based on the significant enthusiasm behind is this: we saw what happened to Lyft, who despite a lot of trading volume in the first few days has seen a big drop off in price and attention. Uber is looking to make the biggest debut in terms of valuation since Facebook – and if you’d invested in Facebook at their IPO you would have made a measly 510% on that investment. Uber is a stock I will be monitoring for the first few weeks – and assuming that they are able to stabilize in the market, it will be a good long-term growth investment. We know that ride-sharing isn’t going anywhere – and the Uber Eats, Scooter, and Bike craze also continues to grow rapidly.

What are your thoughts on Uber as an early investment?

Speaking at AIM 2018

In 2018 I had the opportunity to moderate a panel at the Apartment Innovation and Marketing (AIM) conference in Huntington Beach on behalf of G5.

The purpose of the session was to gather experts from other industries outside of Multifamily Housing to talk about trends that we are seeing related to Marketing Technology to inspire the Multifamily marketers at the conference.

Take a look at the panel below – let me know if you have any questions!

Presenting at the AIM Conference in 2018