A Look Back / A Look Ahead

2014 was the biggest and without a doubt the best year of my life. I married the girl of my dreams on June 7th, and we started our life together which has been such an exciting journey. Triathlon wasn’t the sole focus of my free time, but when we returned from our honeymoon I got to work and quickly got ready for one of my favorite races, the Deschutes Dash Olympic Triathlon in Bend, OR. I wanted to do a 70.3 so we headed up to Lake Stevens in August, and I returned to the Dalles to race the Aluminum Man Olympic. The theme for me at all 3 of these races was be competitive, that was my goal, and that was accomplished.
Looking back on 2014 , it wasn’t a huge year. However, when I look at the amount of quality work that I squeezed into a 6 month window (balanced triathlon training really didn’t start till late June, I mostly ran the first half of the year) I’m feeling really confident going into my first Ironman build.

In 2014 my mindset changed, I became a triathlete, not just someone who does triathlon. I learned how to push myself to levels that I never thought possible, and really started to develop a community within the sport. I bought a power meter, and signed up for my first Ironman, and even did a photo shoot with my friend. The tools are in place, and I’m ready for my best year yet – both inside and out of the sport of Triathlon.


By the numbers:

Swim: 311,520 yards (89 hours)
Bike: 3, 249 miles (176 hours)
Run: 1,382 miles (174 hours)
Strength: 36 hours

Looking ahead to 2015 – it’s going to be a HUGE year and I am so excited! I’ve partnered up with Hammer Nutrition again for nutrition support, am working with Team 10 Barrel again, and I am finalizing a few other opportunities over the next couple of weeks.

I’m signed up for my first Ironman this coming June – Ironman Coeur d’Alene. My training block officially starts up on January 5th. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of cookies and off days over the past couple of weeks and I’m stoked to get going. I’m going to use this blog as motivation over the next 6 months to write about my training, progress, learnings, and anything else I stumble upon as I work towards #IMCDA.

Happy 2015!

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