Swine Flu, You Win

Last Sunday, I posted a picture on my Instagram account telling the world, well 240 followers, that I was officially beginning my Ironman Coeur d’Alene training. The plan was plugged into Training Peaks, I had all of the gear I needed to get after it, and mentally – I was ready to rock and roll.
I woke up Monday morning feeling less than amazing. My thought was that after 2 weeks away from the routine of work, my body was just a little bit in shock to be waking up close to 6am, but my spirits were high. I packed my gym bag (Swim, Run, Lift were on the schedule), had my usual granola/yogurt/fruit breakfast + coffee, and headed to work right around 8.

As soon as I got to work I could tell I was off. After a leadership meeting in the morning, my body was feeling achy, mentally it was very hard for me to engage, and I was feeling very weak in general. I hoped that a swim/sauna would help shake things off – and headed to the gym for my usual lunch workout. After 1800 yards and sitting in the sauna without sweating, I knew I was sick. What followed the next few days was not what I had in mind for my first week of Ironman Training.

The entire week basically looked like this:


Yep, that’s me in bed, our dog Lola keeping me company, and my wife taking a picture of me while taking care of everything else since I was OUT. I won’t get into the details of the week, but the doctor diagnosed me with H1N1/Swine Flu. For 4 straight days I fought fevers peaking out at 103.3, and was more exhausted then I’ve ever been. I also found the show Friends (I had never seen an episode before this week!), and am on my 32nd episode since Monday.

I’m thankful for my wife who took care of everything at the house and tended to everything that I needed and/or wanted, and for a body that is strong and able to kick such an awful virus. I woke up this morning feeling mostly back to myself. Week 1 of Ironman training didn’t happen like I’d hoped, but going into my first real week next week, my body is going to be ready and my immune system will be strong which is a good thing. Now I am really ready to start training! 

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