Patience and Consistency

It’s been just over 1 month since I crossed the line of my first Ironman at Coeur d’Alene. While I feel like a radically different athlete, I’m finding myself feeling rushed to get my speed back and also thinking non-stop about how badly I want another shot at the IM distance after my tough, 106 degree debut. After tracking Ironman Canada and Lake Placid yesterday, and seeing the varying performances by athletes who have been training/racing much longer than I – I’m realizing that I need to start practicing what I preach: the importance of patience and consistency.
I realize that the process of racing an Ironman from start to finish requires years of hard-work (consistency) but it also requires perfect execution and sticking to a plan (patience). However, what I am writing about today is the importance of trusting in that consistent training, and having the patience to fight through poor race performances, tough training days, and the constant desire to get to the ‘next level’, whatever that might be for someone.

My plan for 2016 is Ironman Canada and the goal is Kona. I believe that in 12 months, if I am consistent in how I approach my training, and patient in how I approach the progress of each day/week /month that I absolutely will be on the 25-29 podium next year.

In order to make this goal a reality, I need to continue the work that I’m already doing – I don’t need to train 20 hours a week (yet), but I need to be consistent in how I approach my training, so I’m ready for the big volume that is to come next spring. If I want to swim/bike/run the times I know I’m capable of, I will need to be hitting bigger numbers across all 3 disciplines in training – again, requiring patience to get to that point, rather than forcing this progress before I’m ready.

This post is for me, so I won’t be posting about it on twitter, Instagram, or any other social outlet. It is a reminder to myself to keep doing what I love, to trust in the plan, to be thankful for progress that is made every day, and to believe that come next July I’ll be ready for the big day. And if you’re reading, I hope you are able to find peace in a similar approach and to remember that we do this because we LOVE it and it’s all about the journey.

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