Happy Birthday to Me!

Just like that another year of my life has come and gone, and 27 is off to an awesome start. Looking back on the last year, there were some pretty significant ‘firsts’ and I’m looking forward to this year being less chaotic, and continuing to build and establish our new life in Bend, together.
I took my birthday off from work and really made the day a ‘me day’ – which was sweet! April made me an awesome breakfast of waffles (which included plenty of marshmallow cream, peanut butter, and syrup – yes, I have the sweet tooth of a child), and then it was training day! I’d go into all of the details, but instead I’ll just recommend that you follow me on Strava 🙂

After a fun night of pizza and beer at Pacific Pizza and Brew – we headed home which meant it was time to… SIGN UP FOR IRONMAN CANADA. Super excited about Whistler ’16, and looking forward to planning out next years racing schedule. This next year, we know where we are going to be living and working, so I’m excited to be able to plan out a more thorough racing schedule and to really make some big progress. I have built a big base these last few years and think that 2016 is going to be a breakout season for me.

I'm officially signed up for Ironman Canada 2016 in Whistler, BC!

We headed up to Driftwood Campground the day after my birthday to camp on Three Creeks Lake, between Sisters, OR and Brokentop. Of all the things we could have done, going out to the woods with April – eating good food, and spending some quality time around the fire sounded best. Because it’s us, it was definitely an active weekend. We brought our paddle-boards, ran around the lake, and ran Tam MacArthur Rim which was tough, and so worth it for the view.

Enjoying some tinfoil dinner around the campfire at Driftwood Campground Running up Tam MacArthur Rim Taking a break from paddle boarding on Three Creeks Lake

I’m thankful to have a wife who is always up for an adventure, and who continues to support my goals and crazy aspirations in the world of triathlon. 27 is going to be the best year yet, I love you babe!

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