Newton’s Third Law

Isaac Newton is known as a prestigious physicist, philosopher, and mathematician. To me, I will always think of Newton based on his laws of motion. To extract part of his 3rd law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This can be interpreted many ways, but for me it’s always been that we always have a choice in how we choose to react, every single day.
The last few weeks have been hard! As we’ve entered into the fall season, it seems as if we’ve entered a difficult season of life as well. Figuring out what the holiday’s are going to look like as we balance our lives between two families while still making time for ourselves. Continual growing pains (and awesome opportunities) of working in technology for a company that is continuing to grow, evolve, and mature. And sickness, being down and out for a few weeks with a cold or flu that seemed to attack half of the office.

I find myself really struggling to balance all of the competing priorities in my life when life isn’t effortless, but at the same time it’s a chance to really assess ALL of it. Without a doubt, my biggest priority in life is and should be my wife – supporting her, putting her happiness above mine, and going all in to keep her love tank full. Showing up to work with my game face on every day is really important to me, and I need to remember to bring my natural, fun energy that makes me who I am. And training is something that is huge priority, something that is fulfilling and rewarding as I chase my giant goals.

This post is a simple reminder to myself and I hope it finds you well, too. I have found myself reacting negatively to many different parts of life these last few weeks. Almost always, these negative reactions impact the important parts of my life that really matter…you guessed it, in a negative way. No matter what ‘action’ life throws at you, take pride in how you ‘react.’ For me, I’m going to choose to wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

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