2015 – Year in Review

I go back and forth between wanting to do weekly summaries on this site about my training, racing, and progress. Part of me really likes the idea as I see several benefits: accountability, more frequent content on my site, a way to go back and review thoughts/feelings throughout the year, and the list goes on. I also see a few negatives: repetitive content, writing out of obligation, and taking myself too seriously πŸ™‚
However, I do take triathlon seriously and find a lot of value in doing reviews of training, tracking progress, and sharing what works and what doesn’t (for me) with those of you that follow me. With that said, I’m going to separate my review of 2015 into 2 parts: quantitative (the numbers) and qualitative (my thoughts, emotions, etc.)

Quantitative: The 2015 Numbers

There are a few expected numbers to be seen here: total run miles, bike miles, and swim yardage. I use Training Peaks religiously and there are a few numbers (TSS, CTL) I will share that are specific to this tool. Click this link to see the definitions of these terms and to also learn how they can radically transform your training, preparation, and racing.

Swim: 334,886 yards (190.28 miles), 80 hours and 1 minute (80:01:04).
Bike: 3,767 miles, 207 hours and 52 minutes  (207:52:07).
Run: 1,431 miles, 184 hours and 26 minutes (184:26:01).
Strength: 14 hours and 19 minutes (14:19:05).
CrossTrain: 10 hours and 37 minutes. (10:37:00).
Total TSS: 33,248.8
Peak CTL: 122.5
Total Time: 486 hours = 20 days and 6 hours! (486:38:17)
Total Distance: 5,388.28 miles

Qualitative: How I felt about the year

Across the board this was my biggest year of training. I am thrilled with how my body handled the training load (12-18 hours/week leading up to Ironman). I will also note that I took several significant breaks from training as well including 2 months of no cycling and hardly any swimming.

Mentally, I grew a lot. Learning and experiencing the benefits of a truly polarized approach to training. By this I really mean that I did a much better job of making my ‘hard days hard’ and my ‘easy days easy.’ I also finally took some time off. Not off as in zero activity, but I took 2 months off from focusing on multi-sport and just stayed fit while enjoying life. This meant a fair amount of running, a little biking, and enough swimming to not forget how πŸ™‚

Finally, I failed forwards a few times in my training by the way that I structured my schedule as a self-coached athlete, leaving myself tired and feeling semi burnt out before my first race. I started a structured training block too far out from my A-race (Ironman Coeur d’Alene) while not having any races to sharpen myself up and keep myself motivated. I’ll have a much different approach this year as I train for Ironman Canada with 3 big and very different races between spring and my July Ironman.

2015 was a great year personally and professional, I’m so thankful for everything experience and learned and am ready to make 2016 one for the books. Thanks for reading!


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