Updates on Training, Racing, and Life so far in 2016

The past few months have been absolutely non-stop on all levels – personal, professional, and triathlon related. I’ve been given some big opportunities at work which has meant a lot of travel, I am on my way back to Bend from my 7th trip in the past 11 weeks. Additionally, April and I have had a lot of weekend events with both sides of our families which has mean that between crazy work schedules, our weekends have been seemingly non-stop as well. I don’t have a single thing to complain about though, life is good and I wake up thankful every single day for my wife, career, family, and the amazing place we get to call home – Bend, Oregon.
On the triathlon front, I’ve had some new challenges enter into this year’s Ironman build with the amount of travel I’ve taken on. When I’m gone every other week, that means that my time at home is that much more precious so I’m trying to really prioritize time with April, friends, and being a home-owner (although, April carries a VERY large load of that) – with the additional element of two dogs who require a lot of love and attention. I have done a good job of making workouts a priority while traveling and have definitely put an additional emphasis on intensity because I haven’t had nearly as much ‘free time’ for training.

To elaborate a little bit on the training and fitness component, especially considering the nature of this blog, I’m stoked at how fit I’ve been able to get despite everything that I’ve mentioned above. I use Training Peaks to meticulously track every workout and utilize their Performance Manager Chart to monitor how my fitness is progressing. I am spot on with where I was this time last year, which is AWESOME. The reason it is so exciting is that my Ironman this year is 1 full month later this year – as Ironman Canada is in late July. This means that I’ll have an extra month to gain fitness and will definitely be showing up to Ironman in my best shape yet.

I won’t go crazy with race reports because the two races I’ve done recently have definitely been treated as ‘C’ races. For me, the difference between an A, B, and C race is the following. An ‘A Race’ gets a full taper, I rest up and really make the race a priority to show up in my best form – sharp, and rested. A ‘B Race’ won’t get a full taper, but I will definitely shorten workouts up leading into it to make sure that I show up in good form. However, I’m not affording myself days off as I’m still focused on the important races in the season. A ‘C Race’ would be a race that I’m going to train right through – still hitting big volumes and high intensities, and simply showing up to see what I’ve got in my legs on the day.

Salmon Run 10k

I raced a local 10k in Bend a few weeks back called the Salmon Run 10k. The goal going into the race was to run hard, to get in a solid workout and to not race smart. Basically, I wanted to race from the front no matter how fast or slow the race started to see if I could get my first overall win in a race. To cut it short, mission accomplished. I ran a 39 minute 10k on a very tough course and came away with an overall win which was an incredibly cool feeling. The time wasn’t anything special, but considering the course and my tired legs going into the race – I was very excited to have such a great race.

Salmon Run 10k

Bend Half Marathon

The goal for the half was to race hard and, again, to see what I could do on tired legs. I really wanted to run 1:25-1:26, a few minutes off from a PR, but considering how hard the course was I knew this effort would be close to a low 1:20 race on a flat course. The race course was challenging with two very big climbs, but I snuck away with a 1:26:40 and finished 3rd overall in a race with over 900 finishers. The race support was awesome – both with volunteers and spectators. Despite the very very cold and spring-like conditions (rain, wind, hail, cold), I was happy to have a strong race and to be able to cheer in my wife, some family, and coworkers as well.

Bend Half Marathon in Bend, OR on April 24, 2016

I’m working on a few posts that will be specific to my training philosophy that I use with coaching, along with some things that are working for me personally with my schedule. Thanks for reading!

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