Ironman Canada: Pre-Race Thoughts

I’m sitting in an incredible 1,400 square foot lodge at the base of Whistler Mountain wearing an Ironman bracelet which means that I’m all checked in for my second go at the Ironman distance, Ironman Canada. Last years Ironman debut was a tough first crack at Ironman with the insanely hot temperatures in Coeur d’Alene, and although I didn’t pick an easy (is there such thing as an easy Ironman?) course for my 2nd race, I’m feeling more prepared both physically and mentally than I was last year.

I’m going into this race a different athlete than I was last year, for quite a few reasons: I have 13 more months of training, racing, and experience under me. I have no raced an Ironman and to an extent, know what to expect which makes me much less intimated by the distance. Additionally, I have a new half-ironman PR, my first overall race win, and some incredible training accomplishments as well. I’ve done the work, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, and I am ready to tackle the day.

I used training peaks to log every single activity between last years Ironman and now. The reason I bring this up, is that I have the data to show that I am fitter going into Ironman Canada this year than I was going into Ironman Coeur d’Alene last year. With a higher CTL (training peaks lingo for fitness, basically) being reached 2 weeks out and a well executed taper, I am excited to race my race on Sunday.

I have done a good job of focusing on the process for this race versus focusing on goals that revolve around times, however, I would by lying if I didn’t state that I plan on beating last years time by at least an hour, putting me under 10:34 this year. When I swim, bike, and run within my means and don’t let myself get caught up in the race day antics that always occur at Ironman, I know I’ll see that goal met.

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