Dad first, Athlete second

6 weeks and 1 day ago we welcomed our first child, Nathan, into the world. As a Triathlete who has been focused on the long course (70.3 & Ironman) racing the past 3 years, I planned on taking a few weeks to focus on being present with family and jumping back into swim-bike-run style training. As soon as I met him though, my priorities changed overnight!

 7 days old. Our son has radically changed our world for the better. 7 days old. Our son has radically changed our world for the better.

It has been almost 9 years since I made one of the most important decisions in my life, the decision to pursue fitness and a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t read my story – here is the link. Needless to say, I am now almost a decade into fitness and almost 7 years into pursuing endurance – so in no way am I saying that I’m done with sport. April and I talked about it a lot before Nathan arrived – we are determined to maintain a sense of self, a sense of US (dating), and pursuing our passions like we always have.

What I am saying is that for the next few months, I’m going to keep things simple. If you follow me on strava you will notice that I’m mostly just running. We purchased a treadmill before Christmas and with his sleep schedule and my work schedule – it feels like the right thing to do is to focus on running for a bit while we figure things out.

It is pretty crazy to say that training for a marathon is easy. But compared to training 15-20 hours/week for Ironman triathlons the past few years, committing to 6-8 hours and 40-65 miles/week feels a heck of a lot easier 🙂 With that said, I am still an endurance nut who wants to chase goals, fast times, set PR’s, and lead a lifestyle that others are (hopefully) inspired by. I am going to chase the elusive sub-3 marathon and a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time at the Eugene Marathon on May 7th this year.

 Eugene Marathon 2017 here I come! Eugene Marathon 2017 here I come!

As far as the rest of this season, I’m not quite sure. There are a handful of local running races I’m signed up for leading into Eugene. Two 10k’s, one half-marathon, and I’m hoping to use these as fitness tests and this is the first time in 5 years I’m solely focusing on running for a block of training. I will certainly be racing Triathlon this year and am tentatively committed to Santa Cruz 70.3 and finally notching a top 5 Age Group (AG) placing at an Ironman race. I’ll also be racing the Pacific Crest Long Course and Deschutes Dash Olympic – two favorite local triathlons here in Bend, OR.

More to come. Until then, happy training everyone!

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